In the 1970’s UK High Street was an adventure with real diversity and as I grew up and eventually learned to drive it was fun to go to different towns because their shops were different and you could find some pretty cool stuff.

In the late 80’s the big retailers started to take over and started to undercut the little guy more and more. Retailers like Asda (Walmart owned) started to spring up in every town and sold almost everything the local guys were selling but cheaper because they had the buying power and also bought lots of cheaply manufactured goods from overseas. More of these type of stores followed and before we knew it our high street had started to die along with UK manufacturing.

The Butcher who had been there for 30 years had to close, the clothes shops closed, the green grocer, the chemist and even the bottle shops (known as off licences). We were left with large superstores selling everything and high streets that just catered for Banks, Real-estate Agents, Charity shops & Fast Food outlets. All of a sudden every town looked the same and they became known as “Clone Towns”.

As so many people were no longer working for themselves the money that they were putting back into the local economy dried up. They were forced in many cases to take jobs in the very stores that had put them out of business. Farmers were also forced to sell their produce at greatly reduced rates to the superstores because their customer base had gone. 

This happened all around the UK and no doubt helped destroy the economy & it is now happening here.

So why buy from the little guy?

Well if you didn’t already know our Snug As A Bug® Baby Wrap is made here in Australia! Yaaaaay I hear you say but what does that really mean?

Well it is made right here in Perth WA possibly one of the best places to live in the world! Our manufacturer lives in Perth too, he's a family man with a wife and children. He cuts out each Snug As A Bug Baby Wrap & Swaddle by hand. It is then sewn by machine by him and his wife. It’s a small family business and when you buy one of our Baby Wraps you are helping their business too.

Our new award winning gift box was designed here in Perth too. A local and extremely talented family run graphic design company designed the gift box for us making it the Perfect Baby Shower Gift! or an essential baby gift for yourself after all it is the must have functional baby travel accessories for you and your baby, just read the reviews.

Did we go to China to get that box made? No not at all! Our boxes are made here in Perth too! We gave the business to a local family run company :)

Every time you purchase an awesome Snug As A Bug® product for your baby or as a gift or for a friends/relatives baby you are also helping 3 other Australian owned family businesses too. Isn’t that amazing?

Your money could then go on to be spent in the local community and boosts the local economy and could very well be spent in your business without you even knowing it.

Let not let Australia go the same way as many others. It's clear to me that Australia stayed the "Lucky Country" because its people have continued to support local business and each other so keep up the good work and place your order now :)