It’s really is just about Running, Jumping, Splashing & Playing!

Keeping your children healthy & active in these days of iPads and X-boxes can be a bit of hard work. Mums & Dads are finding it hard too, especially after a hard day at work it’s all too easy just to crash in front of the TV. Now winter is here & it’s damp, wet and cold it can be even harder especially at weekends and there’s nothing worse than a home full of little explorers with cabin fever that are desperate to play.

So what’s the answer?

Get your kids into some Slicks® & go Geocaching! If you’ve not heard of geocaching, it's a GPS based worldwide treasure hunt. Geocaches are little containers containing little paper logs and sometimes swaps for children that have been cleverly hidden all over the world by other “Geocachers” and then logged by GPS so others can find them.

For less than the price of a decent cup of coffee you can download an app for your smart phone which will then show you where they are. And believe me, they are everywhere. Some are very cleverly hidden and can take a little time to find but the smartphone app has a description for each one and even clues. You can filter which ones to find as some are great for family days out and some are in difficult spots and are really just for grownups.

Beware though that geocaching is a very secret society and those who don’t know about it are described as “Muggles” as per the Harry Potter books so if you’re ever asked what you are looking for, part of the game is to keep it secret.

Unlike going to a park or for a walk, swim or cycle ride which is great for them, often they won’t want to do it whereas geocaching is great fun and of course, everyone likes a treasure hunt especially when you can see the beautiful scenery and nature that we have here!  We have walked for many km's through some pretty tough terrain with our tribe, the youngest of which is 5. He loves it and can often be heard telling his older siblings to “suck it up” as the day goes on.

We’re off Geocaching this weekend so if you see a family searching for something, don’t ask because we can’t tell!