Snug As A Bug Multipurpose Baby Wrap 

I get asked quite regularly What is a Snug As A Bug Multipurpose Baby Wrap”, “How does it work?”, “Why do I need it?”, “Will it make my life easier?”, “Are there different types?”

What is the Snug As A Bug Multipurpose Baby Wrap?

Let’s roll back the clock and start form the very beginning. Back in 2002 a very clever stay at home mum was frustrated by having to wake her baby every time she put her in the stroller or capsule when she wanted to go out. Putting a traditionally swaddled infant/new born baby into a 5-Point Safety Harness* system is Extremely Unsafe and is definitely not recommended & there really wasn’t anything that could be used to swaddle or wrap a baby but also work safely with the 5-Point Safety Harness* system which are used to secure them safely when travelling.

So with some determination and some innovative design ideas the Snug As A Bug Original Multipurpose Baby Wrap was born.

How does it work?

Well imagine a combined swaddle & baby grow. The design includes feet like a baby grow but the top half opens up like a swaddle and it even has a hood for that extra bit of comfort and cuteness. Made from beautiful top quality anti-pil Polar Fleece in a variety of fresh vibrant colours it provides a warm, comforting soft outer layer for your little one.

It enables you to wrap or swaddle your little one so they are nice and warm during the day & when the time comes to go out you don’t have to fully unwrap them to secure them in their capsule or stroller. You just carefully open up the top “wings” and strap them into the stroller or capsules 5-Point Safety Harness* and off you go safe and sound asleep.

Why do I need it?

Well let’s see what some have our previous customers have said in their reviews:

“This wrap is fantastic! The design allows the wrap to be kept on in the pram or car seat, so you don't have to unwrap and disturb bub. The fabrics are lovely - the thick fleecy wraps are great in the cooler weather, while the waffle fabric is great for warmer weather. The range of colours available are great. The hood is also great as it's designed and sized so that it doesn't flop over baby's eyes and face. Overall it's a great wrap, and an excellent gift for new or expectant parents. + Lovely range of colours and fabrics, fantastic design allows wrap to be kept on in the pram or car seat.”

“We brought the snug as a bug wrap for our 4 week old and just love it works really well and keeps baby snug and warm. Highly recommend this product and the service that was provided”.

Will it make my life easier?

Yes! We’re all very busy these days and hardly have a moment to sit still. There’s nothing more discouraging then waking your new born so you can go out especially if they’ve only just fallen asleep or they’re a difficult sleeper. We understand that sleeping is extremely important for your new born and it also gives you a much needed break.

Some of our customers use it a bit like a baby sleeping bag but prefer it because it is more accessible when baby needs changing.

It’s also ideal for taking baby travelling or on holiday whether it’s a long road trip or a long haul flight or even just a trip to the beach or park in summer. 

Are there different types?

Yes! For keeping your baby warm during those cold months whether it’s while watching the footy or those long days fishing or even those holidays in the snow we have the Extreme version that will keep your baby warm and dry in winter. This dual layered version has a Water Resistant outer shell for that added protection & the beautifully warm Anti-Pil Polar Fleece lining. Available in a selection of vibrant colours you can be sure your new born will be warm & look stylish.

For those hot days we have the stylish & colourful Summer wrap. Don’t forget that keeping your little one protected from the suns harsh UV rays is extremely important & our Summer wraps offer up to UPF30 protection. The specially woven waffle weave fabric is cool and quick drying so you could even use it to dry your baby after a swim. And as the day turns to evening it will still offer comfort and warmth to your little one as the temperature drops.

We also have the 100% cotton wrap that is perfect for those really hot days when you’re on the road or under cover and you don’t have to worry about sun protection. Made from 100% cotton and available in 3 classic baby colours this completes the Snug As A Bug range of baby wraps that are suitable for use with 5-Point Safety Harness* systems.


*Please remember:

It is recommended that your baby be harnessed snugly and securely in their car seats with straps fitted firmly over baby's shoulders at shoulder height and no loose blankets or swaddles interfering. The Snug As A Bug® wrap must be used unwrapped to secure your baby safely in their 5 point harness. Once your child is safe and secure in their 5 point harness, you can opt to close the wings on your Snug As A Bug® wrap, or simply leave them open. 

Please ensure that you use your child restraint in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please ensure your baby's arms are unwrapped when securing them in any 5 point harness system.