So how exactly did I get here? Mum to 4 great kids, Managing Director of our company and crazier half to James, our Creative Director/Photographer/International Client Liaison Officer/Music Aficionado/Chief Coffee Maker/Resident Funny-man. Lots of life experience would probably be the most obvious answer! I consider myself a Jack Jill of all trades, and master of none! I’m good at lots of things. I pick up stuff easily and I thrive on a challenge. I like to be busy, I like to keep my mind active and I like to learn new skills.
The universe conspired to make me a mother and I couldn’t be prouder of the wonderful children that I gave birth to.  I have been blessed with 4 beautiful children aged 5, 10, 13 and 16. I am lucky to be mum to 3 sons and a daughter. I love children and James calls me ‘Mother Earth’ as I quickly turn to mush when around babies and children! It’s not uncommon for other peoples children to be joining us on family days out. They seem drawn to me, and I to them.  There’s always an interesting conversation to be had with a little one whose imagination is still active and they’re learning about the world and how it works.

I’m a sales person at heart, having had most of my life experience working in a sales environment in a wide variety of industries. (I told you I like to learn stuff!) I started my own Award Winning Small Business, Bellyfruit and Beyond when I was 4 months pregnant with my #4 baby. I also don’t do things by halves.
I have always been interested in natural childbirth and campaigning for the rights of birthing women, particularly within Australia. I joined a parenting website (Essential Baby) when I was pregnant with my first baby, back in 1998, which has now become one of the largest parenting websites in Australia. I made many friends there who are still friends some 16 odd years later. These women helped shape my views on parenting and childbirth and have provided a great source of support and advice over the years.  
I am a trained Doula who has attended 20+ births in Karratha (NW WA) and in Perth (WA). I love the thrill of sharing the journey with a new family and being able to share my knowledge, information and to offer my support to new families, not just for the birth but in the weeks following.  I have been a Community Educator with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and consider the 6 weeks post birth to be essential in supporting new families to adapt, adjust and settle in to their new family life.
I’ve led an interesting and varied life to date and today I find myself sitting here in my 6th floor apartment overlooking the Swan River in Perth, writing a blog about myself. As I glance over the sky and see clouds forming I hope for rain! I know that winter is descending and the Australian busy period is about to be upon us.
With a fresh shipment of Slicks® about to land in the next few weeks, kids all over Australia will soon be wearing clothes that we design and manufacture. Believe me when I tell you, that it’s an awesome feeling!
The cooler weather coming also means that our other brand, Snug As A Bug® will be in greater demand. Today being #fashionrevolution day, I feel incredibly proud that we manufacture our Snug As A Bug® baby wraps and swaddles right here in Australia. We are Australian Made, Australian Owned, Australian Designed and Australian Loved.