Slicks® Playwear for the great outdoors!

Slicks waterproof clothes for toddlers and children

Fashion meets function!

What are Slicks® exactly? An easy care, practical and durable waterproof pant that looks good too! Worn over nappies or clothing these waterproof play pants keep little legs and expensive clothes clean, protected and dry not only through out the wetter months, but for cooler weather, outdoor activities and nature play year round. 

Slicks® are great for : Boating, Fishing and Camping, Back yards, parks and play grounds, rainy days, cold days, camping, fishing, canoeing, bushwalking, farming or large properties, play group, day care, spare pair, sports mornings, crawling and walking training, sand pits, gardening & mud pie making, light snow, damp grass, grubby grounds, helping Dad wash the car and practically anything else outdoors. Like most waterproof products made from PVC/ nylons or similar, Slicks® are not recommended for excessively hot conditions.

Fashion Meets Function

Fabric and colours.

The water proof shell fabric of our Slicks® products is 100% Nylon. The soft breathable mesh lining in our Slicks® products is cotton/nylon mix. Colours will vary from season to season and from style to style. In some instances ‘same’ colours can vary very fractionally as they may be cut from different roll/dye lot. If you are considering a ‘set’ we suggest ordering items at the same time rather than months apart. Slicks® are not bulky or industrial, not flimsy and transparent. The fabric used to make Slicks® is strong and resilient yet still soft and pliable, making it easy and comfortable wear for young children.


We decided to forgo the normal plastic or paper ‘packaging’ for all our Slicks® products, after all the world really does not need any more waste.Slicks® instead come in their own re-useable waterproof pouch, handy to pop into your mothers’ bag or your child’s back pack. We’ve found the bags perfect for collecting ‘treasures’ and/or storing wet/muddy/dirty Slicks®!


For sizing specifics on each range please see our size guide.


Care instructions are sewn into the side seam of our garments. Shake or dust off any excess or clumped dirt or mud before washing. We suggest hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Avoid strong detergents. Lay flat or line dry out of direct sunlight. Mild iron if need be. Slicks® are Dry Cleanable.

Are they easy to clean?

Yes! I have been known to place my boy’s grubby pairs of Slicks® into a wash bag and throw them in with similar coloured items on a cold wash, gentle cycle. Before hanging them over the back railing to dry (this by the way does not take very long.) They are intact and still look like new years and heaps of uses later. However that said, I must point out, the care instructions sewn into your garment is what’s recommended for the best care and longevity of your garment.

Will they really keep my toddler dry if he falls on his bottom into a puddle?

Yes they would keep him dry. With normal use Slicks® are waterproof enough to keep water out. However, if you sat him there and let him soak for some time the dampness would begin to seep through the seams eventually.

Are they like art smocks but pants?

No! Slicks® were first designed to look and feel good (besides them being waterproof and practical). Our fabric is soft to wear and of a high quality, not flimsy or cheap like some fabrics used in waterproof products. The designs have attention to detail and look so good kids can wear them any day.

Do they really work?

Yes they really work. Slicks® were designed to be a waterproof ‘play’ pant. They aren’t bullet proof! But they do the job they are intended for under what would be considered normal and reasonable use (and then some!) Customers who recommend us to their friends, customers who repeat order year in, year out and my own two very active boys who wear them regularly are proof this is a product that works. Please see our customer reviews for comments from happy customers.

Can I buy Slicks® from a retail store?

Yes. Slicks®  are available through a limited number of retail outlets, although the majority of our business is online based. Retailers can be found on our stockists page or alternatively, ask your local baby or children’s store to become a stockist!

I don’t like ordering from websites. How else can I buy Slicks®?

Slicks® can be ordered on-line, purchased at a selected retailers or if that doesn’t suit, you can call our sales line FREECALL 1800 113 117 .

How can I pay?

We have a secure shopping cart with eWAY as our payment gateway. Alternatively you can choose to direct deposit into our bank. Payment options are offered at the checkout page.

Fundraiser Idea.

If you would like to sell Run Jump Splash Play® or Slicks® products as a fundraiser, we offer  20% cash back to your group. Please contact us for your fundraiser code.

Do you ever have sales?

As demand for our products is high, we generally don’t have ‘sales’. However, we do have a sale page where items listed on the page are available at a reduced price until sold through.
We also occasionally offer customers who have previously purchased Slicks® the opportunity to take advantage of a discount or FREE Shipping–when, what and how often is not fixed and is entirely at our discretion. All members on our data base will receive an email letting you know when they are available so that you can take advantage of the offer if you wish. If you have ordered from us you will automatically go onto our mailing list–however as much as we wouldn’t want you to miss out, if you DO NOT wish to receive these promotions please contact us to simply opt out.

On-line orders through the Run Jump Splash Play® web site totalling $99.00 or more in a single transaction will qualify for FREE Shipping.

I think the size 1’s are going to be too big for my little girl, buts she’s crawling already and I wanted a pair for outside. What do you suggest?

The size 1 will do the job. Slicks® pants are designed with an adjustable waist that is easily tightened if needed and as the legs (with the exception of the straight cut ) also have an elasticised ankle the length can easily be bunched up a little and still look good. If in doubt of sizing, check out our Size Guide here. We measure across the waist for width and this measurement is unstretched!

My boys play rough on our large property. Will they last?

Slicks® have been well and truly road tested by boys! There are always exceptions and extremes but we’ve found that they outgrow them before they outwear them!

Can I use Slicks® in the snow?

Customers have purchased Slicks® for their snow holidays and all feed back to date says yes! They would not replace the thick padded ‘ski’ wear but they are certainly resilient enough to be used in the snow under reasonable conditions (and more affordable.) One Mum said they were great over warm trackies, keeping the kids dry on a daily basis whilst out and about in the village. Now there's no need to go to Kathmandu and back just to stay dry and warm! 

Aussie Product Review loves our Slicks®!

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These items were comfortable, hard wearing and looked great. My son loves to spend time outside and he’s pretty rough on the clothes he wears.