Kids love dirt.

And there's plenty of evidence to suggest that dirt loves kids too!

Here at Run Jump Splash Play, we're all for getting down and dirty with nature. Research tells us that kids who get dirty, who play outdoors, climb trees, build cubbies, make mudpies and explore the great outdoors are more likely to have stronger, healthier immune systems and more active minds and imaginations.

Slicks® were designed for all of that and more! Just because it's wet or cold outside, shouldn't stop you from letting your little ones out and about to explore and learn. Getting out and about in the backyard or at the park to play in natural settings allows your child to improve their creativity and imagination. 

Nature Play WA is a fantastic resource for WA based families, loaded with ideas, things to do, information and great deals on all things outdoors. If you're based in SA, try Nature Play SA. Queensland has Nature Play QLD.

nature play  nature play 

There is evidence to suggest that children self-regulate through play in response to risks.  This is typically shown through unstructured play. Not allowing children to take risks and explore their own boundaries may save them from bumps and bruises along the way but it is vital for long term health and wellbeing that children learn their own limits through self management. 

Kidspot is a fantastic Australian Parenting Community filled with ideas, products, services and great guides for things to do with kids. If your kids are stuck at home bored take a look at the Boredom Busters jar. Fun to make and even more fun to carry out the activites inside!