Care for your Slicks®

Slicks® Product Care

Slicks® Fabric

All our Slicks® waterproof clothes for kids are made from a carefully selected, hardwearing, strong and resilient, yet soft and pliable Polyester fabric. Our specially treated fabrics have a fine Polyurethane (PU) coating on the inside which prevents water penetration. Teamed with heat sealed seams, and quality cotton blend linings, Slicks® ensure your little one stays warm and dry whilst in the wet. 


It is recommended that you follow the care instructions sewn into the inner label of all Slicks® garments. This will ensure that you'll get the longest wear from your waterproof pants and jackets.

For all Slicks® waterproofs, shake or dust off and/or wipe over with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt and marks. Hang your Slicks® to dry fully before storing. Please ensure your Slicks® are fully dry to prevent mould and mildew occurring while stored.

Whilst all our Slicks® range is washable, it is preferable that you deep wash only occasionally to protect the waterproof PU coating of your garments.

When washing your Slicks® waterproof pants and jackets, please follow the washing instructions below. 

Washing Instructions

  • Close all zips and use a soft cloth to remove any excess dirt from the outside of the garment before beginning the wash cycle. 
  • Avoid use of all detergents, biological washing powders and fabric conditioners/softeners as these will compromise the integrity of your waterproof linings.
  • You can use Pure Soap Flakes which are available at your supermarket to wash your Slicks®.
  • Do not use stain removers or bleach on your Slicks® waterproof pants and jackets as they will damage your Slicks®.
  • Do not soak your Slicks® as this will contribute to the breakdown of the waterproof (PU) coating.
  • Machine wash - Wash on a delicate, synthetic or hand wash with a gentle spin – maximum temperature 30ºC (cold wash).
  • Hand wash - Immerse the garment in a sink with cold water. Do not soak. Using pure soap, gently agitate the water.
  • Rinse in fresh cold water 3 times, or until run-off is clear. Do not wring or squeeze your Slicks®.
  • Hang your Slicks® to dip dry away from direct sunlight, as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light will damage the PU coating on the fabrics.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • A cool iron can be used to remove wrinkles before wear, however we recommend you do this only if absolutely necessary. 
  • Slicks® may be dry cleaned.