Five Point Harness Safe

Safe to use with any five point harness, Snug As A Bug® Baby Wraps are designed so that you'll never have to unwrap baby to move them between baby seat, capsule, pram, stroller or carrier again!

Our clever design of enclosed legs & feet and open/close wings, ensures that strapping baby into their five point harness has never been easier or safer. 

No more carefully unwrapping baby, trying desperately not to wake them so you can move them! With Snug As A Bug® baby wraps, securing baby into a five point harness is simple and easy.

With sizes from newborn to size 1, you can be assured that your baby is safe and Snug As A Bug® in one of our baby wraps, specially designed for use with all five point harness devices.

It is recommended that your baby be harnessed snugly and securely in their car seats with straps fitted firmly over baby's shoulders at shoulder height and no loose blankets or swaddles interfering. The Snug As A Bug® wrap must be used unwrapped to secure your baby safely in their 5 point harness. Once your child is safe and secure in their 5 point harness, you can opt to close the wings on your Snug As A Bug® wrap, or simply leave them open. 

Please ensure that you use your child restraint in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please ensure your baby's arms are unwrapped when securing them in any 5 point harness system. 


 Five point harness safe    5 point harness safe

It is recommended to use a five point harness for your child until they are approximately 8 years of age, or as long as possible. Kidsafe has a fantastic article on Child Restraint Guidelines which explains the various 'types' of Australian Standard Child Restraints.

If you're expecting a baby and are unsure of which child restraint you should use, or would like to compare child car seats, visit Child Car Seats for a comprehensive guide and information.

For Child Restraint Fitting Stations and FREE checks of your five point harness child restraints, take a look at Kidsafe Australia and find your closest station.