What is the Original Baby Wrap?

Original Australian Made Multipurpose Baby Wrap

The Original Baby Wrap is a hooded blanket, a pram blanket, a travel blanket, a travel blanket with feet, a hooded blanket with feet, a blanket that you baby won’t kick off, a blanket that keeps your baby warm and snug, a blanket that you can use in a five point harness, a blanket that you don’t need to unwrap baby from to put them in and out of the carseat or pram. A blanket that allows your baby to stay Snug As A Bug® all day and night.

Snug As A Bug Original Baby Wrap

Why would I use it? Why do I need it?

Our wraps are simple and easy to use, there’s no need to unwrap your baby every time you move them. Perfectly safe for use in car seats and capsules, there’s no need to thread fussy straps in and out of our baby wraps. Just strap your baby in and go. Getting out of the house is a breeze with Snug As A Bug®.

What makes us different?

Not all baby wraps are the same. There may be hundreds of different designs on the market, however Snug As A Bug® is the only one that offers the functionality of being fully compatible with a 5 point harness in a car seat, capsule, pram, stroller, shopping trolley or baby carrier. We have 4 different styles, catering to different seasons and needs, meaning your baby will always feel Snug As A Bug® whatever the weather.

Snug As A Bug® wraps are NOT made in China! Each wrap is lovingly hand crafted here in Australia. Borne of necessity, Snug As A Bug® was invented in 2001 by a mum who needed an easy wrap solution for her own baby. A wrap that could be used easily, simply and with minimum fuss when getting out and about. A wrap that didn’t need to be undone when you move your baby.

Why should I buy one?

It’s a one stop solution! You can wrap your baby in one and not have to worry about unwrapping them for moving in and out of car seats, prams, capsules etc. It can be used for babies who like to be ‘arms in’ or ‘arms out’, so it suits all babies. The elasticated foot pouches, mean that baby can’t kick it off! We have a wrap that will suit every season and every budget.

Snug As A Bug Baby Wrap Cute Baby Bugaboo

Reviewed and loved by mums. 

Aussie Product Review loves our Australian Made Snug As A Bug® wraps. You can't get a better endorsement than a mum who loves a product for it's practicality, versatility and style! 

This wrap was a god send while the weather was chilly and my baby boy still wanted to be on the move as soon as he woke up from his sleep. It kept him warm and snug as a bug! 

Please ensure that you use your child restraint in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please ensure your baby's arms are unwrapped when securing them in any 5 point harness system. 

The Extreme all weather version, ideal for taking baby out and about on a cold winter day, whether its watching daddy play football or those long days fishing, camping or even a day in the snow! Polar fleece lined with a water resistant taslan outer shell.

The Original Baby Wrap is the polar fleece version which began Snug As A Bug®. Warm and cosy, it is ideal from Spring through to Autumn. Whether its shopping trips in the city or walks in the park, the original is a sure head turner. Finished in a variety of colours, its the blanket that you won’t have to unwrap baby from, time and time again. From pram to carseat, capsule to baby carrier, you can leave baby all wrapped up and Snug As A Bug®.

The Summer Wrap is perfectly suited to those hot summer days where added sun protection is a bonus. Ideal for trips to the beach or lazing by the pool, its not just a baby wrap, but can be used as a towel too. Why carry bulky towels around when you can use the summer wrap to dry baby and protect them from the suns harmful rays as well. Offering UPF30+ protection, style and function collide with the Summer Wrap which can be used outdoors for sun protection or on the warm evenings out and about when you need a little cover too. Soft honeycomb waffle style fabric allows air flow to keep baby cool and covered.

The 100% Cotton Wrap is finished in ultra soft hypo-allergenic Australian cotton. Cotton provides all the softness and strength, stain resistance and shape holding ability that only a natural fibre can. With superior breathability, our 100% cotton wrap is the ultimate choice for babies pure new skin. Providing a light but effective cover, the Cotton wrap is the first choice you should make for covering your baby in the warmer months.